Jessie Reagen Mann, Cellist

"Last week, a much quieter inaugural affair, the Max Reger Foundation of America gala put together a little shin dig at Landmark on the Park...I’m glad I did not take any instincts to spring out the back door early because i would have missed some extraordinary musicians, including cellist Jessie Reagen Mann."

-Susan M. Kirschbaum, itsthattimeagain.wordpress, 05/11/2010

“Jessie Reagen's contribution to final track 'Feed Me Jack'
(on Albert Hammond Jr’s album ¿Cómo Te Llama?) is beautiful.”

-Sophie Bruce, The BBC Review, 07/04/2008

"The instrumentalists Gilad Ronen, Jessie Reagen, and Rami Yadid, presented moving musical presentations composed by Cecelia Margules and Yadid."

- Shimon Golding & Rhoda Farbowitz, The Jewish Press, 4/16/2008

"In the encore in C# minor, Jessie Reagen (cello) and DBR cut loose with a rhythmically amazing improvisation."

- Karen Moorman, Classical Voice of North Carolina, 2/9/2008  

"Jessie Reagen was the first to catch my eye as she joyously tossed her blond curls while bowing her cello. Serious musicians so often have such serious looks on their faces that it's always a pleasure when their physical expression mirrors their musical expression."

- Diana Nollan, The Iowa Gazette, 11/10/2007


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